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Jo’s Pizza

House made crust, fig spread, topped with mushroom, goat cheese, caramelized onion, and arugula 13.95

*Point Judith Calamari

Thai Chile aioli, fried herbs, and lemon 17.95

*Bourbon BBQ ShrimpJos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree

BBQ shrimp over cheese gritts, topped with signature sunchoke crisps 17.95

Duck & Lobster Quesadilla

Diced tomato, scallions, cheddar with red mole sauce 20.95

*Beef CarpaccioJos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree

Served with red onion, capers, arugula, shaved asiago, XVOO 14.95

Hummus Platter Jos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree-1

Served with crisp vegetables, assorted olives, and flat bread crisps and breads 12.95

*Southern Fried Chicken Bites

Served with a honey buttermilk lemon dipping sauce 13.95

Steamed LittlenecksJos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree

Rhode Island stuffie style broth, house sausage, peppers, onions, and clam broth 18.95

*Scallop Grenoblaise

Seared scallops over baguette crisps, sauce grenoblaise 21.95

Croquette Style Potato CakeJos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree

Corn, scallion, stuffed with pull pork and cheddar cheese, over roasted tomato romesco sauce 15.95


Gluten Free Pasta & Rolls Additional Charge $2.00

New England Clam Chowder 8.95

Lobster Bisque 11.95

Mixed Greens Jos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree-1

Mixed mesclun greens, cucumber, tomato, gorgonzola, white balsamic honey vinaigrette 10.95

Caesar Jos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree-1

Romaine lettuce tossed in our house-made classic dressing topped with parmesan and a croutons 12.95

Wedge Salad Jos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree-1

Baby iceberg lettuce, bacon, grape tomato, crumbled gorgonzola, and blue cheese dressing 13.95

Bistro SaladJos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree

Arugula, kale, goat cheese, asparagus, matchstick apples, dried cranberries, with hibiscus vinaigrette 13.95

*Add to your salad:

*Chicken 8.95       *Shrimp (3) 12.95        *Salmon 12.95       

*Scallops (3) 16.95       *Hanger Steak 14.95



*Jo’s BurgerJos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree-1

All-natural ground beef patty with lettuce and tomato, served with hand cut fries and house made pickles 18.95

Add: Swiss, mushrooms, and caramelized onions 2.00

Dry Dock Fish & Chips

A family recipe from an iconic Newport restaurant 23.95

Butternut Squash Agnolotti

Caramelized onion, tomatoes, brown butter sage sauce 23.95


Chicken 8.95       Shrimp (3) 12.95        Scallops (3) 16.95   

*Steak FrittesJos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree

12oz Hanger steak, brandied dijon cream, hand cut fries with a garlic aioli dipping sauce 35.95

Sausage & Orecchiette Pasta Jos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree-1

Served with crushed red pepper, blistered tomato, caramelized onions, arugula, and a olive oil wine sauce 24.95

*Grilled Chicken Sandwich Jos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree-1

Grilled chicken, arugula tossed with hibiscus vinaigrette, matchstick apples, brie cheese on toasted ciabatta, served with hand cut fries and house made pickles 18.95

Lobster Salad Roll Jos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree-1

Traditional New England lobster salad roll with cole slaw, served with hand cut fries and house made pickles   Market Price

*Seared Scallops Jos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree-1

Over gnocchi with tomato, basil, and peas 38.95

*Grilled ShrimpJos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree

On a bed of BLT risotto, bacon, tomato, basil with a tomato basil glaze 32.95

*Filet MignonJos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree

Two 4oz filet tournedos served over cheddar mashed potato, asparagus, and bordelaise sauce 45.95



*Pan Roasted Cod Jos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree-1

Pan roasted cod bouille, clams, potato, fennel, pernod roasted tomato, white wine, grilled focaccia, romesco sauce 32.95

*Seared Salmon

8oz Pomegranate glazed salmon served over soba noodles, Asian vegetables and broth 30.95

Lobster Carbonara Jos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree-1

Lobster, bacon, tomato, peas, parmesan lobster cream sauce, served with spaghetti 39.95

*Bacon Onion Jam BurgerJos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree-1

All-natural ground beef patty, topped with dijon, bacon onion jam, cheddar cheese, and house made special sauce, served with hand cut fries and house made pickles 18.95

*Roasted Half ChickenJos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree

Cheddar mashed potato, sautéed sausage greens, pan jus 26.95

*Grilled Pork ChopJos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree

Sweet potato mash, bacon, shaved brussels sprouts, bacon onion jam 26.95

Fried Fish Sandwich

Served on a bulky roll with lettuce and tomato, served with hand cut fries and house made pickles 17.95

*Chicken Penne Jos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree-1

Grilled chicken, sunchokes, sundried tomato, gorgonzola in a light cream sauce 24.95

Vegan Farro Bowl

Farro, fine herbs, seasonal vegetables, with XVOO 21.95


*Chicken 8.95       *Shrimp (3) 12.95        *Scallops (3) 16.95   

Impossible™ Burger Jos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree-1

Plant based burger with sautéed mushrooms and onion, lettuce, and tomato. Served with hand cut fries and house made pickles 18.95

Jos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree Gluten Friendly

Jos-American-Bistro-Gluten-Free-Menu-Items-Dinner-Lunch-Newport-RI-Rhode-Island-GF-GFree-1 Can be prepared gluten friendly or with gluten friendly products

*This item is raw or partially cooked and can increase your risk of food borne
illness. Consumers who are especially vulnerable to food borne illness should only
eat seafood and other food from animals thoroughly cooked.